Oceanis Clipper 473

up to 10 People Alcântara Dock, Gate 1 (+351) 963 695 601

Since 1987 that we have been working

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Since 1987 that we have been working together. Through our dedication, love and acknowledgment we have been able to create a personal and professional family full of great affection and good vibrations. We want to thank all our customers for always believing in our work and in our “pleasure to serve well”. This is our motto. We want everyone to feel like this restaurant is an extension of your home. Miguel’s two great passions are cooking and sailing. We would like to inform all of those who are interested in getting to know Lisbon from the river side that you can do it in our boat. You can make reservations through email or you can call us on our mobile. We hope you enjoy, you remember and you return. To book your tour: (+357) 963 695 601

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Mafalda and Miguel

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How to get to the meeting point?
Trains depart every 20 minutes from Cais do Sodré, and take only four minutes to reach the Alcântara-Mar station. The exit to Alcântara Dock (Docas de Alcântara) is to the left, towards the river. Tram 15 and buses 728 and 714 also pass by, but you have to use the pedestrian underpass to reach the docks on the other side of the train tracks.
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