Our Mission and Who we are

Our Mission

Our Story and Mission

LISBON BOAT BOOKING created the finest selection of boats that sail on the Tagus river. We have expert knowledge in sailing and boat tours and provide the best experience Lisbon has to offer. Our wide selection makes it possible for you to find the ideal boat to suit you and accommodate your desires. Our offer includes boats of different capacity and type: sailing boats, catamarans and wheelchairs accessible motorboats. Each skipper and crew will also provide you different types of entertainment best accommodate your demands like themed parties, guided tours, fishing or just plain sailing up the Lisbon river front.

Safety first

All boats are inspected and certified by the port authorities to provide you the safest experience we can offer.

Great skippers

Our Skippers are experts in both sailing and general boat operations and maintenance.

The experience of a Lifetime

An adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Who we are

Check our social networks and contact us. It will be a pleasure to explain our complete proposals.

Genesis of Dublin Skipper

Victor Frade

"Genesis of Dublin" Skipper

Pedro Marques das Neves

"Pypas" skipper

Mafalda e Miguel

"Primus" skipper

Miguel Borges

"Kari V" Skipper
Furanai crew

Angelo and Tati

"Furanai" Crew

Rui Miguel Carvalho

"Magano" Skipper

João Guerra

"Airos" Skipper